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In order to use our company with peace of mind for our customers, we handle your personal information as follows.

1. About compliance with related laws and other norms

We will comply with applicable laws and other standards regarding customers personal information.

2. Optional Provision of Personal Information

Customers may occasionally be asked for personal information in the course of purchase or our services, but it is optional. You can opt to withhold disclosing your personal data to us. (In such case, please note that we may not be able to offer the full benefit of services.)

3. Purpose of use of personal information

Personal information is collected for purposes specified below.
(1) To provide information regarding our products, events, and other services through direct mail etc. (customers may end these subscription services if they consider the subscription to be unnecessary).
(2) To contact customers about orders such as their pre-ordered/requested products.
(3) To deliver products.
(4) To perform the payment transaction.
(5) To provide after-sales services related to customer purchases (shipping included).

4. Usage and storage of personal information

The personal information provided by our customers is only used for agreed-upon purposes. We will retain personal information for a certain period of time after its use so as to deal with related inquiries. After the holding period, we delete it by shredding or other appropriate means of destruction.

5. About the deposit of personal information

With regard to the use of the personal information provided by customers, we may outsource them to our client companies/personnel to conduct agreed-upon services. We require our client companies/personnel to rigorously conduct stringent personal information management at a level equivalent to ours.

6. Providing information to the 3rd party

We will not provide the personal information collected from the customers to 3rd party without the prior consent from the said customers otherwise required under the applicable laws.

7. Security contorl measures

We will take preventive action to prevent the inappropriate access of personal information, the loss, damage or changes or leakage of such information.

8. About inquiries concerning personal information

Should we receive a request from an individual regarding the disclosure, revision, deletion of his or her personal information, we shall respond promptly, once we have confirmed that the individual is indeed the person in question. Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our approach towards personal information protection, please contact us. The customer service window provided below will deal with all requests and inquiries regarding personal information.

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FAX: 0283-65-0222
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