Production and sales of pickles, pickled ginger (SUSHI GARI),red pickled ginger and other pickled products / Pickeled series of Endo which colors traditional seasonal meals and communicates traditional taste to modern times

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We are most grateful to you for your custom.
About 50 years have passed since Endo Foods was established.
We are told that economic stability and growth have reached a level of maturity in recent years, but also as far as our eating habits are concerned, processed foodstuffs have come to play an important part in a healthy way of life. I am once more convinced that a rich variety of food is essential to a good life. I would like to raise the importance of food in our lives so that we enjoy a real sense of good living and convenience in the 21st Century.

In our company, continuous research is carried out so that our pickles, which make up the taste and traditional food of Japan, may also be enjoyed by today's younger generation. To this end we have introduced modern production systems into our traditions of preparing food by hand, and devote ourselves to the development of products which will whet the appetite.
Going forward, it is our intention to continue this dedication to the promotion of improved products and healthy living through our research and development programme. I hope we may continue to count on your guidance and support in the future.

President Eiichi Endo
President Eiichi Endo

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